The Koch Brothers are the éminences grises who are founders and major contributors to the Tea Party and a host of other conservative corporatist groups. They favor a government aligned only to serve big companies and they believe in privatizing Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Currently, the Tea Party Republicans, whose campaigns were supported by the Kochs, are attacking unions and passing legislation around the country that allows big companies to purchase public utilities so that they can sell services back to the states at a higher price. In Michigan, the legislature has even authorized the governor to take over local towns, kick out elected officials and replace them with corporations if he deems that the city is having a “fiscal emergency”.

Learn about the Koch brothers, find out how you can get high quality news while ignoring the mainstream media, find out what the Tea Partiers are up to as well as how to restore democracy in the articles below.

The War Room (Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press)

The Koch Brothers

Meet the Kochs, the billionaires who fund the Tea Party

Who are the Koch Brothers?

Investigate the Koch Brothers!

Wisconsin billionaires, sacrifice much?

The wealthy spend a lot of money on advertising on Major Media (Dees Illustration)

The Role of “Main-Stream” Media
Anti-union commentators are union members themselves

Editorial: Mass media are burying news of HUGE protests. Support workers in Wisconsin and everywhere – here is how

Cronies (

What the Kochs’ Cronies are up to
The Republicans have a contract out on America

Headlines: Tuesday, 8 March, 2011. The Tea Bagger Nation looks like “Lord of the Flies”

Headlines: Monday, 7 March, 2011. More labor protests!

Scott Walker has major legal woes

Companies that support Scott Walker

Blogger calls Governor Walker impersonating David Koch. The transcript confirms links, hints at ethical violations

Governor Walker looks to raid state employee insurance fund as he continues to threaten layoffs

Montana Tea Party’s Crazy Legislation – Really, it is Incredibly Insane!