In 2004, Ron Suskind reported the remarks of an aide to President Bush who essentially indicated that history’s actors (i.e. the Bush Administration at that time) create new realities in order to accomplish their objectives, all while everyone else in the “reality-based community” are simply left behind to study their actions.  Yet those of us in the “reality-based” world recognize, as Physicist Richard Feynman put it, “Nature cannot be fooled.”  We also recognize that in a world with real limits to the availability of natural resources, wealth, food, water and education, that the Bush Administration did indeed create a new reality:  One in which the world has been brought closer to hitting the physical limits imposed upon us by the simple fact that we live on a planet of finite size.  Crossing these limits would likely be catastrophic for human population, but the sooner we act, the more likely it will be possible to live in a peaceful, sustainable world.  At rbw, we hope to provide information and insight necessary to help realign human planning with a more sustainable track.