VY Canis Majoris highlights this paradigm-shifting video (via blangled on YouTube)

We have heard from elementary school that the Sun is an average star. Some people may be bothered by the fact that there is very little about the Sun that is superlative, but it should not bother you too much. Other people are curious about just how large other stars can be. At the moment, a red supergiant star, VY Canish Majoris holds the record. If placed inside our Solar System, the star would extend to the orbit of Saturn! At 30-40 times the mass of the Sun, it is also a very massive star, though it has an amazingly low density, about 1/10,000th the density of air at sea level on a warm day. Click on the image to see just how large CY Canis Majoris is relative to the Sun, its planets, and other stars.

Wikipedia: VY Canis Majoris