Billionaire contributions to Wisconsin state tax rolls has dropped quite a bit recently (Real News Network)

The Real News has done a great piece in which they describe the poor conditions that currently face Wisconsin billionaires. Oh sure, they have increased their wealth overall, but their rank on the Forbes 400 list has dropped on average by a couple of places. You can only imagine the difficulties! Since 2001 that the estate tax rates on billionaires has dropped by nearly half though they have found ways around them too. This occurs at the same time that state and federal governments cut back on services for the people who really need them. Did you know that the overall tax burden of billionaires has dropped as well at the same time that we are being told that we must “share the sacrifice”? Watch Real News’ Paul Jay discuss whether billionaires are putting in their fair share and watch to the end to see how simple it would be to balance state budgets across the country.