Democrats jeer at Republicans who leave immediately after an abrupt vote to deny workers the right to collective bargaining (AP via Yahoo News)

The Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly voted to deny collective bargaining rights to state employees as well as to begin the sale of state assets to private companies in no-bid contracts. The vote was as abrupt as the Republican departure from the Assembly chamber immediately after the vote. All the Republicans voted very quickly and the count was limited to a very short time so that not all Democrats were even given an opportunity to vote. The Republicans then left, single file under guard, greeted by the throngs of protesters still filling the Captiol Rotunda at that late hour. As the Democratic Assemblymen waved the Republicans off, the protesters greeted the Dems with shouts of “thank you” for continuing a 60-hour filibuster to slow the bill’s passage.

The vote tally is given here for you to see how your Assembly representatives voted. Remember, not all Dems were given a chance to vote, but they had been in unanimous disapproval of the bill. Republicans Kaufert (Neenah), Nerison (La Crosse), Spanbauer (Oshkosh) and Tranel (Cuba City) each voted no, joining the Democrats.

Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives can be contacted via their websites. Be sure to thank them appropriately.