Scott Walker (via COTO Report)

Considering that Scott Walker is not only attacking the workers, but also the institutions within Wisconsin that educate, care for, and boost the standards of living for the people, the end goal for the protests should be recall. And it should not only be Scott Walker who is to be recalled. State Treasurer Kurt Schuller, for example, ran for office to eliminate the position, which would leave the state without financial oversight. We should also be mindful that the Republican legislators are also to blame for the current anti-labor situation.

But how does one recall a state official in Wisconsin? Unfortunately, it can only be done after the completion of the first term in office, but there is some groundwork that can be done in advance.

Step one: Ensure support for the petition. The initial recall petition will need to be signed by the same number of qualified electors (citizens) as 25% of the votes cast for Governor Walker in 2010. The signatures must be obtained within 60 days of the registration of the petition.

The Governor would be an un-nominated candidate unless he choses to resign within 10 days of the filing of the completed petition.

Any opposing candidate would need to file nomination papers.

Check out the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Elections Division for the full Recall of Congressional, County and State Officials Handbook.