Montana is about to legalize hunting with spears (MTcowgirl)

The blog MT Cowgirl has posted a list of legislation that has been introduced to the Tea Party-controlled Montana state legislature as part of its nationwide efforts to reduce what was once the world’s pre-eminent superpower to a preliterate laughingstock. A few highlights include:

Allowing guns in schools.

Letting state legislators carry guns in the state Capitol.

Legalizing hunting with silencers.

Omitting Barak Obama’s name from the 2012 ballot because his father was born outside the U.S.

Ending all incentives for developing wind power.

Creating a panel to nullify all federal laws.

Creating armed militias in every town.

Forcing the federal government to prove in court that it gained National Park land legally.

Remove educational requirements for people who want to become State Superintendent of Schools.

But you really should check out MT Cowgirl’s site for more!