Wisconsin Protests in Madison (AP/Andy Manis, via MPR News)

Statewide protests are beginning to have an effect as two GOP state lawmakers are beginning to waver: Dale Schultz and Van Wanggaard are beginning to distance themselves from Walker. They have proposed allowing limited collective bargaining rights for public employees but this is not enough – there should not be limits on collective bargaining and one more GOP senator would have to vote no. Keep up the pressure!

Wisconsin public employees have been cuttting back for years and they are underpaid according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute.

Another 30,000 people showed up for protests in Madison, Wisconsin today as Democratic State Senators left the state to block a vote on anti-worker legislation for lack of a quorum. Protestors continue to occupy the State Capitol as they continue to call for Governor Walker’s Recall. State law allows for this and here is how to do it.


More protests are scheduled across the state for Friday, and here is a list of places and times for the events. Where will activity occur? Here is a quick list (see link for full details).

River Falls
Beaver Dam
Richland Center
Fond du Lac
Eau Claire
La Crosse
Green Bay

The “budget crisis” is not a crisis, as less than $25 per person over a year is necessary to fix the budget problems that were created by Governor Walker himself to force the Union-busting issue. Some Unions that sold out to support Walker’s career are exempt from the union-busting legislation. Noam Chomsky discusses the situation in Wisconsin on Democracy Now!

Finally, I have found a great link regarding information on organized events, information on background issues and the people involved. It is A mostly comprehensive guide to Wisconsin comment and action in response to Gov. Walker’s budget repair bill.

Good luck everyone!