We are inundated by images every day that are intended to cause us to act in ways we otherwise would not.  We are told to lower expectations when leaders do not have the political will to make difficult decisions and we are told to lift expectations when their opponents walk toward the podium.  Ads on TV command us:  Buy this!  Buy more!  More is not enough! Major news sources praise their advertising clients while burying the lead that mention the true environmental and societal consequences of their advertisers’ products.  reality-based world intends to cut through the imagery in order to find discernible facts regarding a number of issues to help people to find the information they need in order to act as conscientious citizens of the world.

Democracies are only as strong as the knowledge base on which their citizens rely.  Unfortunately, the chasm between the goals and aspirations of the public and the profit motivation of the corporate media has widened to the degree that many major news sources have assumed their roles of obfuscation and confusion wherever human concerns may impact advertising revenues.  The nature of this erosion of the Fourth Estate is antithetical to the very definition of the word ‘democracy’. Sadly, it can be readily observed that corporate interests are increasingly taking precedence over human well-being in the halls of government.

In a world with increasing demands placed upon diminishing resources, something will have to give way.  Either corporate control over the regulatory and planning bodies will be placed back into the hands of conscientious people who have a concern for human welfare, or the world may reach a point at which it becomes unlivable for most or all of us.  At rbw, we make the first steps back to real democracy by cutting through the marketing façades and political posturing in order to help people understand the world in which they live.  It is the only way we humans will be able to make the appropriate choices to ensure a prosperous and peaceful future for human beings everywhere.

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